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Abby Carter - Jasper Alberta Graduation Session

So glad that Abby wanted to adventure off to Jasper for our portrait session! We defenitly got the picturesque views that Jasper is known for, and might have gotten a bit of attention from a few interested tourists...

High School

Parkland Composite High School



When you were younger, what did you want to be?

Marine biologist

What are your current plans for after graduation?

Take a year off to work then school

If you could go travel to anywhere, where would you go?

Bora Bora

What was the highlight of your senior year?


Do you have a senior quote?

“Better late than absent” - Mark Maris

What's your current anthem?

You Came to Party- Too $hort & Meter Mobb

What was your favourite class from school?


Describe your last year in three words

Late, absent, sleeping

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