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You might know the obvious items that your photographer will ask you leave out in the morning when photographing your wedding details, but there are some little items you might not think about that we love to include in your photos! Here are my favourites, and some you may have never thought about before!

-Wedding Gown

Hot Tip: Instead of leaving your gown on a plastic hanger use a black, white, or wooden hanger instead!

-Wedding Veil





Another Hot Tip: Gather all of your details that you want photographed the night before, and put them all together in a bag or box so you don't have to worry about gathering them the morning of! Also this way your photographer will be able to take your detail photos faster, and you won't have to stress about where your little details are because your photographer can put them all back in the box and nothing will be misplaced.

-Old mementos (ticket stubs from your first date, the note he wrote his number on and gave to you, etc)

-Invitations/Save the Date Cards

-Postcard/Map/Items that relate to your wedding location



-Personal Vows/Letters to each other

-Photos (polaroids, old throwback photos of the beginning of your love, etc)


-Crystals (if your into the witchy stuff hehe)

-Grooms Suit

-Cuff Links

-Pocket Square


-Grooms Shoes




-Funky Socks

And if you still need some ideas... here are some of my favourite detail shots from over the years!

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