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Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Well, the best piece of advice I can give you, is to not listen to other peoples advice about YOUR wedding, and choose things that are true to you. But that isn’t really answering your question is it? There are so many ways you can make your wedding different that anyone else’s. I feel like it really comes down to asking yourselves, what do WE want OUR day to be? Because at the end of the day, the wedding is for you. Out of anyone, you should be the two to enjoy it the most! Think about all of the aspects of the day, getting ready, your ceremony, your photos, your reception… and if it were me, I would start with what you DON’T want to do. This will help you realize what you want your day to look like and you can take the things you want to exclude and think of ideas of things to do instead.

A really common and popular example right now would be the first look. Maybe you are feeling really stressed out about everyone watching you as you come down the aisle, then doing a first look with your significant other would be a really great way to make that moment more special and stress free for you. On that note though, don’t feel compelled to do a first look if you don’t want to! I know right now in the wedding industry it is SUCH a trend to do a first look. It’s new, it’s cool, all of the wedding magazines you read have people doing it… but don’t make that the reason you do it! If you still really want the aisle moment where you look up and see each other for the first time, you should do it. Make the choice for you, not because everyone else is doing it!

Some other ideas that are a lot less common could be doing a ceremony with non traditional seating instead of everyone seated in a row behind you, having your ceremony and reception back to back to keep the energy flowing, maybe you choose to have a head table that is just you two sitting together instead of the whole bridal party, it could even be as simple as choosing to not wear a white dress! Second, think of little details that bring you together as a couple and make those elements in your day! This could be activities, items, or even just food that can spice up your day a little bit to make it more YOU. For example, maybe you have a margarita bar because thats what your first date was, or you have a tattoo corner for your guests to enjoy because you two love them, or even just a board game corner because thats what you two enjoy together on cozy nights in… Your guests will love those little touches of you!

Pay attention to your music!

I’m a huge fan of setting the vibe when planning activities, and one thing that can crash that vibe soooo quick is the background noise. I know it’s one of those things that no one really thinks about, but like I said before, this day is all about you! You should be listening to music you love and not just what you think everyone else will like. You don’t want to hear Pitbull blaring over the speakers when you really want to be listening to Tyler Childers… It matters!

One more really cool way to make your wedding different, could be as simple as where you have it.

I know its easy to pick a really convenient local hall that everyone else gets married at to have your own, but looking for a location that your family and friends haven’t been to before can really make your wedding day special in its own way! I’m not saying you need to choose somewhere 10 hours away that everyone needs to road trip to, but look around your area at local halls, barns, and venues that are 2 or 3 hours away to make the weekend a memory your guests won’t forget! Bonus- your photos will look different that all of your local friends and family because you thought outside the box!

If you’re still stumped, here’s a brain dump from my head on some funky ideas to try and include in your wedding!

  • Fun food! Skip the Plain Jane roast beef dinner and choose something new! Still need help? What about a Taco Bar? Pizza Buffet? Burgers and Fries? Breakfast for Dinner? Mexican Buffet? Charcuterie?

  • Instead of just a plain suit, think outside the box with colours, patterns, and fun styles.

  • Instead of just cutting your cake, cut it for all of your guests and serve it to them! They will love it!

  • Instead of a regular seating plan during your reception, plan an open seating plan with bar style lounge areas so your guests can enjoy a more relaxed bar feel and really focus on the party!

  • Sneak away after your dinner for some gorgeous sunset photos outside as golden hour is happening! Or you really spice things up and have your photographer use their flash inside the venue in a private spot for some funky vintage inspired portraits!

  • During your first dance, have your guests surround the dance floor! Super cute way to have them included in this part of the day.

  • Instead of a regular entrance of your bridal party, have the bridesmaids and groomsmen all enter as a groom and have them do a fun battle or challenge before they sit down - think flip cup game, dance off, etc

  • Are your family members always up for a good time? A keg would really get the party goin! Plus, all of those photos will be SO FUN!

  • Love sunset? Have your ceremony at golden hour!

  • Love breakfast? Have a brunch wedding!

  • Mismatch your bridesmaid dress colours

  • Want your photos to be different than anyone else’s? Go for an urban look and head downtown for your photos!

  • Think cutting cake is cheesy? Do a champagne tower instead!

  • Rent a vintage car for your wedding portraits!

I hope this helps you soooo much with planning your picture perfect, and unique wedding day!

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