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My Favourite Photography Moments From 2021

Well, what a wild year 2021 has been! I know for most people and myself included, this year has been hard. It has been hard to be positive, hard to be inspired, hard to be creative, downright hard to be a human... we need interaction and this year has proven to be the year with a lack of that. Thankfully, with this amazing career I have been lucky to call mine I've still been able to witness and be apart of many peoples important moments and memories. To end the year on that note, I wanted to share a few of my favourite moments I have shared with my amazing clients and friends.






1: Shelby and Donny got married this past summer on their property in Yellowhead County, AB. With family and friends they celebrated their love with outdoor tents and an outdoor country dance floor. It was beautiful! There wasn't a dry eye in the yard when Donny danced with his Auntie Mary, who raised him since a kid in place of his mother. You could feel the love from their whole family radiating through the crowd and it was such a beautiful moment to witness. I can't lie when I say their dance together made me cry more than ever before.

2: Picture this. Jessica and Jordan's wedding day ended up being in the middle of the Alberta heatwave and we were "blessed" (lol) with +45 weather on their wedding day. Their whole wedding party were 100% the GOAT's and as soon as possible they all got in the river. Full Wedding Attire. Loved it.

3: At Jason and Michelle's engagement session, Jason mentioned that he wanted to use his truck for some of the photos of him and his groomsmen! We half joked about it, so when we drove up to the top of their families property on their wedding day, I made it my mission to get him the shots! I loved seeing him SO excited with his guys havin a blast!

4: The Erickson Family was one of my mini session families from this fall and I love hangin with them, they are the funnest little fam! While taking photos of Mom and baby girl, she pulled this HILARIOUS face and I loved it!!! I cant remember what I said to make her react so great but take it as proof that I must be pretty funny....

5: SPARKLER FREAKIN EXITS!!! I was so excited when Rachel asked me if this was possible for her and Wylie's wedding this past fall. Their whole guest list was so excited to be apart of such a fun moment and I will just let the picture below speak for itself! (insert fire emoji's here)

6: If you have been following my photography over this last summer, you would have seen the amazing giveaway hosted by myself with so many amazing local to Edson vendors! Haley + Tyler won the giveaway, which was for a beautiful styled photoshoot in the forest with charcuterie and a styled backdrop. It was a beautiful night for a shoot and we soaked up the warm sun among laughs and shared a great night : Vendors:

Jordan Conarroe Originals - Photography Farmers Daughter Country Decor - Backdrop Styling and Props

Makeup with Tiaciia - Hair and Makeup

Jensen's Lifestyle Clothing - Clothing Styling

The Fresh Vine - Charcuterie Board

7: I've photographed Sara and Mathew since they first started dating a loooooong time ago! They finally tied the knot this past summer in Edson, Alberta and it was the most beautiful day that I was so happy to share with them. Sara and Mathew take their rescue pup Champ with them everywhere, and so of course he needed to be with them on their wedding day! He couldn't miss Mom and Dad's wedding!! He chilled all day during their wedding and came along for their portraits at the river, including him in their wedding memories was so special to them.

8: Taylor and Brad are getting married in Golden, BC in 2022, and they brought me to Drumheller, AB for their epic engagement session! We hiked into the beautiful canyon and explored while the golden sunset light swept over the hoodoos. I love how full of life and in love Taylor and Brad are together, and let me tell you I am counting down the days, seconds and minutes until we meet again in Golden, BC for their WEDDING!!! Also.. fun fact... the first image below is actually 6 photos merged together! say whaaaaaaat

9: Monique and Titan were gifted a session certificate with me for Christmas last year, and we finally got to meet for their session this past summer. There was a 80% of rain but like most of my sessions, I always hope for the best and usually behind the scary rain forecast, the sun shines through at the very last second... We met at our session location and it began to drizzle, and again I hoped for the best... Their little babe was only 2 months old! We began our session and slowly the drizzle turned into a full on downpour. Don't get me wrong, my photographer heart was blowing up at this Notebook moment!!! Of course we rescheduled our session to a nicer day but I could not believe their little babe didn't mind the rain at all and barely made a peep. Monique told me after that when she delivered babe in the hospital... it was during a thunderstorm.

10: I will be shooting Amanda and Jake's wedding in 2022, but before then we had such a great time for their engagement session in Jasper National Park, AB! Amanda wanted to find a unique spot, and we found the cutest lake near Edith Cavell for a perfect foggy morning mountain shoot. The clouds lifted in perfect time as we got there and we explored the beautiful blue waters basically to ourselves. Their wedding will be amazing next year and I cannot wait!!

11: During my winter mini's earlier this year, some friends of mine both brought their puppies along for their photos and they're also the best puppy friends! We sat them together to get a photo and they shared THE CUTEST little kiss that I COULDN'T EVEN.

12: I got to connect with this beautiful lady who owns Long Lake Creations earlier this year when she wanted to do a self love session. It was amazing and so refreshing to photograph her energy and show her the beautiful soul I see in her. This shoot blossomed an amazing friendship with Amanda and it is so great to watch her succeed and see her business grow.

13: I shot Kirsten and Kendall's wedding last year, and I was soooo excited to know they were expecting! I met up with them in their beautiful backyard for their session and Kirsten then mentioned that she was having the little babe in 1 WEEK! I could not believe it! Little baby arrived the next week and is growing like crazy!

14: As soon as the leaves turned orange this year I was ITCHING to shoot something fun so I texted Rachel up to see if we could dress Waylon up and make some cute pictures...We hung out with the farm animals, drank some hot chocolate, and had the funnest leaf fight and it was so fun! Friendly reminder to not forget to just shoot for fun sometimes! We need it!

15: I work at the local coffee shop in Edson ( Sacred Groundz) to fill some of my time and this Winter Solstice we had a soiree of sorts to celebrate! We lit luminaries, set intentions, made gingerbread houses and shared some great laughs!

16: These two lovers ended my 2021 season with the best snow filled session ever!! It was the snowiest day outside and I was feeling creative so I asked my instagram family if anyone was up to frolic in the snow for me! Sara and Avery were in town visiting family and came over to my place, we shot for 20 minutes but that was all we needed for this snowy magic!!

Sending a HUGE CHEERS to every single person who has supported me these last few months. Friends, family, clients, followers, I owe you a huge thanks for keeping my creative soul alive.

Lots of Love,

Jordan :)

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