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NAIT Thesis | Small Town Anywhere

As some you might know, I have been enrolled in NAIT's photographic technology program for the past year and a half, and it has been such an awesome experience! I have learned so many new awesome techniques and met some great friends.

Last semester my classmates and I had the opportunity to create a thesis on the topic of our choice. I began this project over the summer, and continued over the fall and winter, and had such a fun time creating images that I was passionate about. I chose my thesis topic based on my own personal life. Ever since I was little, I wanted to live in the city. I had always lived in small town Edson, and at that time I felt that I had such small possibilities where I was, and that I wouldn't miss living in the country. Well, I was wrong.

Once I moved to Edmonton to start at NAIT, I realized that even though the city had more opportunities and things to do, the small town lifestyle kept calling my name. I missed how the air smelled when you stepped outside in the fall, I missed opening my window at night and hearing nothing but silence and the odd coyote call, I missed floating down the river with beers in our hands and nothing but free time. With this in mind, I carefully planned my thesis around the small town moments that I missed, and I finished this project with a piece that means the world to me.

My hope for this project is to allow people to reminisce but also to learn. For those who grew up in a small town setting like me, I hope that my photos remind you of your own memories and moments from your home. But my main hope, is for those who did not get the chance to experience these moments as I have. My main hope is for these others to get a glimpse into the beautiful life I was provided growing up, and to see some of the moments that aren't usually seen to those on the outside.

Below is my final project I created for my thesis. Small Town Anywhere.

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