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Shantel + Barry | Intimate Farmyard Wedding | July 7, 2018

I love doing wedding photography for a few different reasons, but watching two amazing families combine into one is one of my favourite things to witness. These two tied the knot amongst their closest family, in the front of the Depee's family farm. A little rain wouldn't stop the day, as friends and family filled the seats in the tent to the brim. Happy laughter could be heard as guests awaited patiently for the bride and groom to arrive. As rings were slipped onto fingers, bride and groom turned into husband and wife. I have only a few words fitting enough to describe this day and I just feel so honoured to be included into such a beautiful day for two beautiful families.

Florals : Trendy Twigs Flowers

Suits: Jensens Lifestyle Clothing - Edson

Wedding Gown: Pure Bridal - Essence of Australia

Hair & Makeup: Alicia Charles + Leticia Martin

Custom Ceremony Decor: Harv Depee, Jill Depee, Andrea Sanders, Cheryl Preer

Cake: Barb Hermanson

Second Shot By: Shaun Scade

Reception Venue: Royal Canadian Legion

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