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Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Don’t worry, help is here!!

Well first of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! First thing you should do, is freaking enjoy it!!! Flaunt that ring to allll your besties, soak in those newly engaged feels, have some cute date nights, and really for the first little bit, don’t worry about planning anything! Planning a wedding can be hard, and you don’t want your engagement to feel like just a huge stressful time. With the right tips and some help, your wedding planning will be a breeze! I think the most important way to keep it simple, is to plan in stages. This way it doesn't feel overwhelming.

Stage 1: Pick your date, vendors, wedding party, wedding guest list, and overall wedding vibe.

Stage 2: Plan the getting ready portion of your wedding day.

Stage 3: Plan the ceremony.

Stage 4: Plan the photos.

Stage 5: Plan your reception.

Once you’ve taken the time to celebrate together, you should first start to think about a date for your wedding, and make sure all of the important people in your life can be there on your day!

Next, I would think about your wedding vibe - what do you want your day to feel like? I always suggest making a moodboard, or a Pinterest board and go through and just pin allll of the things you love to it. After you’ve added a million ideas to your board, take a second look through it and start to finesse your vision. Remove/Add things on your board to slowly bring it down to a good baseline of what you want! Think about colours, venue, photography styles, personal touches, etc to make your day unique!

Once you have a good idea of your ideal wedding vibes, start looking for your vendors! You should be searching for vendors that have the same vibes as you, and that have portfolios that you LOVE. Your wedding day is an important and personal day so you really want someone that will mesh with you so perfectly so your day runs smoothly and you enjoy every second of it! A great way to make sure your vendors will be a right fit for you is to schedule phone meetings with them, this lets you chat and scope out your vendors off the bat and helps you realize if they are right for your wedding!

Another tip: if you are having trouble finding a specific vendor that is the right vibe for you, ask one of your other vendors if they have any suggestions! More than likely, they will recommend someone reliable that they love, and that matches the same style as them which is great for you! After that, the planning begins. This gives you a great start to creating your perfect day!

Need help finding vendors? Grab my vendor list below full of a huuuuuge group of great Albertan and Canadian wedding vendors that might be your perfect match! Happy Planning!

Download PDF • 122KB

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